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Ministry has unique challenges; your team's engagement shouldn't be one of them! The Grow Together conference gives your ministry teams the right tools to stay engaged and meet their goals together. How? We are so glad you asked! Grow Together focuses on equipping your team with high-quality training from ministry professionals who care about your health, growth, and culture. We aim to grow the church by providing best practices your team can easily implement. Now's your chance to sign up for an event where your team grows, stays united, and finds a helpful community committed to seeing all ministries grow together.


Growing Together is crucial for ministry.

By attending you will:

  • Build foundational skills and knowledge that aligns with the ministry values and context across nine unique tracks.
  • Build lasting community connections to fight siloes and feeling alone in ministry.
  • Receive a vast array of tools and resources that will equip you for the full year of ministry ahead.
  • Unlock a virtual pass for year-long access to all recorded Grow Together Conference sessions.
  • Inspire your team and develop your leadership skills.

Growing together is crucial for ministries to actualize their mission. Lack of continuing development and a community of like-minded leaders leads to stagnation and loneliness.

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Track Information

Our conference tracks will educate and inspire your team to jump-start 2024 with action. There is something for everyone at Grow Together 2024.

HR Foundations

Presenter: Julia Swanson
Learn the essentials for recruiting, selecting, and integrating new staff into your ministry. We’ll cover job descriptions, interviewing, and successful onboarding.

Presenter: Treena Meyers
Get introduced to the fundamental practices of managing positive relationships between your ministry and the staff through courageous conflict resolution, communication, and foster a healthy ministry.

Presenter: Whitney Seifman
Learn ways to support the well-being of your staff and organization as staff transition out of roles or off your ministry into their next calling.

Advanced HR

Presenter: Steven Bush
Talent Stewardship is the key to developing and growing your ministry staff. Learn more about using tools to steward your people more effectively.

Presenter: Whitney Seifman
Learn to design, implement, and manage competitive and equitable compensation structures to attract and retain talent for your ministry.

Presenter: Treena Meyers & Kendra Holybee
Creating a comprehensive package of perks and benefits that go beyond salary to attract and retain talent, enhance job satisfaction, and promote staff well-being.

Finance Track

Presenter: John Hughes
Accounting systems can either confound or clarify financial reports and organizational stewardship. Let’s learn together how to design a thoughtful, simple, and well-designed Chart of Accounts that gives pastors peace of mind and board members easy-to-understand financials.

Presenter: Rick Wentzel/ Chris Mannoia
Budget Builders vs. Budget Busters is an excellent primer for wrangling out-of-control budgets into a health-building tool that supports your ministry.

Presenter: Chris Mannoia
Our Giving Journey Session is full of strategy, tactics, and application of discipling the hearts and wallets of your congregation to support the mission of your organization fully.

Marcom Track

Presenter: Tim Finch
Missional Communications Frameworks is the best starting point for ministry marketing and communications. We look at stories, psychology, and human motivations to build your reach and not be ignored in organizational communication.

Presenter: Nick Ovalle
Easy To Use Website Communications is the next level of applying your comms frameworks in website optimization. Get your donors, congregation, or key audience to take action with easy-to-use tools, no matter your platform.

Presenter: Nick Ovalle
The 5 AI tools your ministry needs to use are a great introduction to the world of AI and its uses in ministry. Understand the key differences between algorithms, AI, and self-learning systems and how they can play a role in saving you time and money in your operations.

People Management

Presenter: Steven Bush
Explore the best practices and strategies for successfully navigating organization change.

Presenter: Steven Bush
Develop effective coaching skills to enhance your staff performance and professional development to foster a more engaged ministry team.

Presenter: Julia Swanson
Discover the fundamental concepts and techniques for effective influencing up, influencing down, and influencing across to your peers.

Senior Leadership Track

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Mannoia
Join us on the journey downward through challenges, hardships, and self-discovery that leads to transformational change and growth.

Presenter: Treena Meyers & Kendra Holybee
Learn the pitfalls and strategies to re-engage and motivate staff who may be feeling disconnected or losing interest in their work.

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Mannoia & Treena Meyers
Nurture and mentor your next generation of leaders by identifying strategies for equipping your staff with the skills needed for effective ministry.

Business Administration Track

Presenter: Chris Mannoia
Assessing Church Health is a non-negotiable conversation on what health implies and how to measure your ministry efforts in organizational design.

Presenter: Michael Garcia & Kevin Brown
Special Guests Michael and Kevin will cover a variety of topics from the banking and legal perspectives surrounding how to manage legal and financial risks every ministry faces and ensure the long-term sustainability of your ministry.

Presenter: John Hughes
Stewardship and being Above Reproach is the goal of every healthy ministry. In that pursuit, a common question is, "Do we need an audit"? Join Ron Blue CPA John Hughes as we explore 5 reasons you don’t need an audit, along with 2 reasons you do!

Safety Track

Presenter: Gary Bush
Learn more about how to perceive and anticipate events in your ministry that involve staying alert and making informed decisions.

Presenter: Brian Meyers
Learn more about how the FEMA grant could provide financial assistance to enhance your ministry’s safety strategies.

Presenter: Stephen Holderfield
Join special guest Stephen Holderfield, Safety Director at High Desert Church in learning how to establish, grow and optimize your ministries’ safety team.
Laura Di Conti
Calvary West Lake ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Laura Di Conti

“The experience was great. From the arrival to the fellowship to the sessions to the food. Felt well cared for, and also the information was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up.”

Get a headstart on your 2024 ministry goals, gain actionable insights, ad network with like-minded peers.

Join us in Rancho Cucamonga, CA on February 8th.

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Nestled at the base of the majestic San Gabriel Mountains, Rancho Cucamonga, California, beckons with its scenic beauty, thriving vineyards, and a blend of urban sophistication and suburban charm. Explore this hidden gem where outdoor adventures meet cultural delights, offering a unique and memorable experience for every visitor.

Date & Time

Thursday, February 8, 2024 • 8:30am – 4pm PST

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